I provide the following services:


  • Intuitive energy healing - physical, mental, and emotional

  • Teaching intuitive energy healing techniques

  • Teaching our youth and adults mindfulness practices

  • Transformational Executive and Life Coaching 

  • Intuitive readings - Reading past, present, and/or future

  • Mediumship - Connecting with loved ones that have passed

  • Reiki

I facilitate physical, mental, and emotional healings that allow my clients to work through illnesses, finding peace, love, and well-being in their life. Healing begins when we, as the client, seek out a new way of approaching our challenges in life. As Albert Einstein reminds us, "we cannot solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created it". Therefore, to open our minds in a new way and allow a strong desire to feel better, we meet that first step into living a healthier and happier life. We can dissolve the cyclic patterns in our life that hold us back from our full potential. It is then we begin to learn why we had adversities in our life, trauma, as well as challenges to overcome. We arrive at a place, realizing those were all gifts we received that created the contrast we needed to step through and find our bliss. There is no real destination, but it is a continual journey and I believe that we are all seekers of our deeper life purpose, our heart's desire, and one of my gifts is helping seekers find their gifts in life so they may become empowered by their heart's desire as they live out their amazing life while experiencing ONE with all that is. I became an electrical engineer, experiencing that profession for over thirty years and embraced this as an important foundation in my life as this is the "ground" to my life purpose. When we find our life purpose that feeds our soul, we realize there is much more. Everything we do creates the infrastructure for our next steps, all woven in a magical way but many of us may not realize until we begin to take a glance back for a moment in our journey. This is different for everyone but the seeking allows us to find our path so our heart may sing. ​

Frequently asked questions:

What is my Mission?

- My Mission is to help adults and children live a calm, healthy, and happy life with a deep sense of mental clarity, focus and self-empowerment.

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing is a collective of various types of alternative healing methods and tools. Our bodies consist of life force energy with many different energy flows. Life force energy is one of many names such as Chi, Ki, Prana, or simply our own intrinsic energy that lives within each and everyone one of us. Through intuition and visualization and after many years of learning,  experiencing, and teaching, I am able to work with the energy of an individual's mind/body/spirit to identify, shift, and/or remove blockages and imbalances in the body's energetic system. 

What does a typical healing session consist of and what should I consider?

At the top of this page, you will find my category of services I provide, however, all you need to do is simply identify what it is you wish to work on in a particular session. For example, if you are depressed or having anxiety, I just ask a few questions and that is all you need to tell me and I will tune into your energy field and be guided to intuitively determine what type of energy healing you need and I will facilitate your healing. I will draw upon many different healing modalities based upon what you need. You don't need to understand what types of modalities I perform, but I would be happy to explain if you are interested. The reason I put more details on my website is for those clients that like to know what my experience is in different healing modalities, they can read my background.

Most of my clients come to me for a mixture of healing, intuitive guidance, and at times, they ask for intuitive readings or for me to channel a loved one that has passed away. The bottom line is that my clients come to me because they want to fundamentally feel better in some capacity and work on a physical, emotional, and/or mental illness or challenge in their life. I initially provide suggestions of how we can go about this. I briefly talk with them about some options, then we go right into the healing or guidance that fits their need. Sessions are one hour in length and can be performed over the phone, via Skype, or in person. All three sessions types are equally as valid and merely a client preference. Under the "Contact and Payment" page, I have a button that allows my clients to pay via PayPal. I also accept major credit cards and if in person, cash and checks. 

What is Mindfulness and how can we benefit from these practices?

- Mindfulness is typically defined as a state of being and centered on bringing one's attention to the present moment. Being mindful in each and every moment allows us to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and our surrounding environment. When we are focused on the present moment,  we are not consumed by our past nor are we consumed by the possibilities of future events. Depression is a sign of  living in the past and anxiety is a sign of living in the future.  The only reality is NOW. Living in the NOW gives us the clarity and internal resources to stay focused. For example, we can use our breathe to guide us and create enough space to remain calm in the face of anger. 

We are sentient beings, gifted with the ability to feel, being fully conscious, and experience all that arises in every moment as these are the elements that allow us to feel alive and maintain a healthy state of being. I teach various simple steps that we can incorporate in our daily lives. The key word is simple because when we are overwhelmed with trying to add yet another set of steps in our lives, we tend not to use them but simple, minimal, and easy to remember steps become a strong foundation for us to feel significant changes in our lives. 

One thing to be aware of is that when we have certain hardened expectations in life, we may perhaps be too focused on what we are expecting and not living in the current moment and this is when we may miss the beauty of now and shut ourselves off to other possible outcomes for we may not be allowing the universe to show us something that we could have never imagined for ourselves. When we relinquish our expectations,  we become more receptive to being in the flow and that is when the magic happens in our lives. We all have experienced it, but the key is can we live our lives in the flow more times than not?

Do I use physical touch in facilitating Energy Healing?

- Not necessarily. Although there may be occasional light touch to areas of the body that may be experiencing physical pain or discomfort, but it is not necessary in order to achieve healing. All healers have different methods and beliefs regarding touch or no touch. My belief is that no one is necessarily better than the other. Healing happens at a much deeper level within and around the body. It is not the healer that heals the client, but the healer facilitates and energetically models to the one being healed and it is the one being healed that actual allows their own healing to manifest through their intent to want a better life for themselves. Healing begins with intent and the more open the one being healed becomes, the more profound results will occur. A person being healed must first feel safe and only then can they open to themselves to their fullest potential of healing. 

What is life coaching and spiritual guidance?

Life coaching and spiritual guidance is a process whereby I assist my clients with major life changes by helping them overcome old patterns in their lives that hold them from realizing their highest potential. Rumination is a common challenge for many people which creates a feeling of being stuck in old patterns in their daily lives. Coaching and guidance is facilitated through teaching my clients steps to overcome these obstacles, but energy healing is one of the core foundations for overcoming these obstacles as it not just a cognitive process. On a higher level, I also assist my clients in realizing their life purpose so they may feel fulfilled in the life in pursuing what gives them their greatest passion and happiness. Some clients may be challenged by losses, anxiety, depression, and other debilitating difficulties and therefore identifying steps to navigate life to heal from these is critical to finding happiness, peace and well-being. We identify the major contributors that are holding them back, remove the blockages and create a path for a better life. 

What are psychic readings?

A psychic reading is discerning information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and intuition. Psychic readings consist of reading the energy of aspects and/or events from the past, present, or future. Science has already proven that we are all connected and is largely explained by quantum entanglement.  When reading energy, these are unseen energies of force that permeates everything. Performing psychic reading takes many years of practice to learn how to  tune into the energy fields and when performing energy readings of future events, it is not necessarily an exacting outcome, but it is only a determination of the most likely outcome based upon the way in which the energy is moving in that point in time of the reading. We all have free will and therefore our free will greatly impact what is most likely going to happen in the future. What we must remember is that we are the creator of our destiny and when we are following our inner guidance, we can steer ourselves into a life that best serves us without unnecessary suffering. Energy readings give us a strong potential glimpse into the future but it is not necessarily set in stone.

What is mediumship and what do you offer?

Mediumship is communicating with spirits of the dead and living human beings as well. Many loved ones that have passed away surround us on a regular basis. Humans that have lost a loved one mourn their loss but some continue to mourn their loss for many years and the loved ones that have passed know this and therefore may stay close to us in wanting to guide us, protect us, and help us. Mediumship is a way to channel those spirit messages to those who have survived their loved ones. It is a very healing process for both parties and this is a way in which the one that has survived may find ways to know and feel they have never truly left, but only left in the physical form. I help the survivors find ways to feel and experience the energy of the ones they lost and translate messages from those that have passed away so it helps to bridge the gap from feeling separate to feeling more whole.

What is Etheric Surgery?

Etheric Surgery is a more esoteric version of energy healing and consists of working in the etheric plane of energy healing of the physical body. There are structures and blockages that are in our physical bodies that may cause physical challenges like chronic pain or illnesses. These energetic structures or blockages are removed and therefore allow the physical body to return to homeostasis. The aura or human subtle energy bodies are multi-faceted and multi-layered and by working on these multi-dimensions, very deep trauma and illnesses can be healed as a result of performing etheric surgery. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is one of the most well known forms of energy healing and typically is what most healers learn as their healing practices begin. However, over time, healers begin to learn many more modalities of healing and over many years of practice and learning, healers may find themselves to be intuitive energy healers as they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to help others and they put together all the tools to work with in their own unique way. 

Life force flows within the physical body though pathways and energy networks called chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in fields of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When these flows of life force are disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs,  tissues, and other parts of the physical body. Reiki is is one of those practices that uses light body touch to help facilitate the natural flows of energy. ​

Video of Douglas modeling how we can ground ourselves.