My story....

I am an Energy Visionary, tempered by a foundation of 35 years as an Electrical Engineer. My work is about bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical worlds, physics and metaphysics... exploring what physics has left behind. My work is very focused on the field of Energy, not only the energy of electrical circuits, but the energy within and surrounding our human bodies. I consider the human body to be our very own dynamic circuit that is shaped by our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Unlike our current day electronics, our human body is not nearly as limited in its function or make up of its components. As humans have evolved, electrical engineering has followed in such a manner that shows how we design new technology because it tends to emulate the design of nature and our human body. For example, the field of biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature as this field intersects biology and technology.

Concurrently, over the most recent 10 years, my work in the area of subtle energy, intuitive energy healing, mindfulness practices, spiritual growth, soul development and my intentional acceleration of expanding my consciousness has led me to such profound discoveries of how the majority of my electrical engineering knowledge, experience and designs explain the very components, circuitry, energy flows, and inner workings of our energetic and electrical based human body. My work spans the coverage from smaller scale electronics such as circuit boards to a much larger scale such as our electrical power grid. My research and ongoing access to greater divine wisdom informs me of such an amazing set of parallels. This wisdom is derived from my heart, accompanied by my mind and body such that my clear intention has always been about helping others and the greater good of humanity. Our more hardened and structured electrical circuits we have designed in this world are a stepping stone, formed and informed by our subconscious minds, but as that process becomes more conscious, we begin to see that we are creating more dynamic electrical circuitry in this world to mimic our human dynamic sentient circuitry.

Most of my life journey has been on a path as an electrical engineer as I am so grateful for having the opportunity to enter this field in a direct way, knowing this has been my passion from an early age. In conjunction with engineering, I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, metaphysical, supernatural, magical and mystical realms and simply so inquisitive about what makes us tick. Although the typical engineering mind does not usually embrace those aspects as they appear to be in conflict with the “laws of physics” but I have found that by going beyond what physics offers, stepping into the metaphysical world, we are not limited by anything but ourselves, more notably the mind. I began turning a great deal of my energy and focus inward, finding myself and who I really am. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with the two most amazing teachers, healers, friends, and role models as that is when my life changed forever. As Pablo Picasso reminds us, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. I have found my gift and it is my heart. Expanding my consciousness, healing what ails me, gaining clarity, becoming peaceful, trusting life itself, and continuing to question everything, while knowing there is more to life than what meets the eye. We are all just energy, a dynamic bioelectric circuit and the amazing thing is that we are the masters of our own energy. The fundamental building blocks are so very similar to that of which we learn in the school of engineering yet there is no limit to what we can do with our bioelectric circuit, that body of wisdom and knowing. 

I am blessed to have two amazing children. My son is 30 years old and my daughter is 10 years old and they have been the most amazing teachers in my life. I believe that we are not only teachers to our children but we are students as well and when we begin to listen and open up to those profound opportunities, we gift our children and ourselves many lessons while finding new ways to embrace our life with love and harmony.

Demystifying Scalar Light Body....

Scalar Light Body is uniquely derived from the merging of my electrical engineering practices and my spiritual work.  ‘Scalar’, in this capacity, refers to scalar energy and ‘Light Body’ refers to the gridwork of light and sacred geometry in our human body, comprising many interwoven electromagnetic energetic layers of our multidimensional self.  “Light” is the very essence of our true being.

What is scalar energy?

Scalar energy is the constant energy within and around us, driven by our thoughts, emotions, and feelings to consciously and unconsciously create our ever changing dynamic sentient circuit, the body. Scalar energy makes up our human bodies in the form of what we refer to as subtle energy, prana, universal life force energy, chi, or Ki. Scalar energy is a very esoteric topic and has many names, such as zero-point energy, radiant energy, magnetic energy, free energy. In physics, scalar fields typically describe the potential energy which has no direction as this energy is all pervasive throughout the universe. It is the standing wave energy that is currently not able to be measured by conventional instruments and therefore is not typically well known. Scalar energy is a fifth dimensional energy, unlike our third dimensional counterpart, transverse waveforms, that we are very familiar with in engineering and the sciences. Third dimensional transverse waveforms are such energies as RF (radio frequency) used in our cellular phone for propagation of waveforms for the purpose of communication.

What is a light body?

The light body or rainbow body, explained by Tibetan Buddhism, is the most sacred body . Activating this light body within our human self, we are capable of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love. Also known as the Merkaba, in terms of the Egyptians, the Mer (light) Ka (soul) Ba (body). It is the vehicle of the soul as it must be activated for the path of ascension. Activating our light body allows us to expand our consciousness such that we can see the world from a place of truth and wisdom.

In summary, our bodies are made up of scalar energy, that which has potential but no direction, until we put it into motion. Therefore, when our human mind generates a thought, for example 'intention', hence invoking direction, these thoughts are  frequencies acting upon the scalar energy to create change in our body and our reality. Scalar energy transports information, such as in this example of intent to heal. This also explains telepathy and many other metaphysical phenomenon. We are all eternal beings, living on this planet in our dense physical form, our body. This is the place where spirit meets matter. When we integrate the two, as above so below, we become one vessel lead by the wisdom of our heart yet allowing our mind to come along for the ride. We become one with everything in the universe as there is no longer any separation. We are pure love and light as all the rest is an illusion. We are given experiences to show us the necessary contrast so that we may seek the greater truth that exists.

My credentials...

I am by foundation and experience, an engineer and mystic, bridging the gaps between the physical and non-physical. As part of my practice,  I facilitate physical, mental, and emotional healing for my clients in a process to work through illnesses and challenges, helping them to find peace, love, and well-being in their life. I am a faculty member at EnergyMasters Institute; certified Angel Therapy practitioner, certified in Reiki and experienced in distant intuitive healing, mindfulness practices, shamanic healing, somatic therapy, mediumship, psychic readings, etheric surgery, and working with the mechanics of mastering one's energy.

As an electrical engineer, I served the private and public sectors over the past 35 years. My concentration has been in the field of telecommunications and power management in staff level positions, lead roles, and management roles. I attained my B.S.E.E degree from DeVry Institute of Technology and M.S.C.S from Johns Hopkins University, and I am a recipient of a United States patent. Concurrently, as an entrepreneur for 6 years, I founded and operated a technology-based small business.

Mystic and Energy Practitioner

  • Experienced with intuitive healing, psychic readings, mediumship, and human energy fields.

  • Ordained Minister of Healing for Rays of Healing Church.

  • Faculty member at Lasseter-Lundy Institute (250+ hours of coursework)

  • Facilitated classes:

    • Meditation and Mindfulness - Learning to center and ground

    • Mediumship - Connecting with loved ones that have passed

    • Intuitive Healing

    • Energy healing using somatic experiencing and guided imagery.

    • The Body Electric  – Working with our human energy fields and how they relate to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

  • Courses and training:​

    • 550+ hours of formal coursework

    • Intuitive healing techniques

    • Reading the energy of consciousness

    • Somatic Experiencing/Body psychotherapy – Tools for healing trauma

    • Angel Certification Program – Chakra clearing, mediumship, working with the archangels, psychic readings, and healings

    • The nature, source, structure and mechanics of energy and healing

    • Intuition and Energy

    • Energy Redistribution, Clearing, and Balancing

    • Working With Guides, Angels, and Masters

    • Understanding Soul Development

    • Channeling

    • Reading Past, Present, and Future Lives

    • Etheric surgery

    • Access Consciousness Bars

    • Usui Reiki

    • Sekhem-Seichim Reiki

    • Shamanism - healing and journeying meditations

    • Shamanic journeying with crystals

Electrical Engineering Professional

  • Extensive experience in the Energy Industry pertaining to smart grid technologies.

  • Broad experience in domestic and global telecommunications product development.

  • 32 years of systems engineering and circuit board design experience.

  • RF experience with satellite-based communication systems for commercial and military applications.

  • Experienced in managing a team of electrical and mechanical engineers in the development of embedded hardware and software telecommunications products.

  • Employment:

    • Eaton Corporation, Principal Hardware Design Engineer

    • Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, Senior Engineer

    • Texas Instruments, Member of Technical Staff

    • Acterna Corportion (Formerly TTC), Senior Electrical Engineer

    • ACE*COMM Corporation, Hardware Engineering Manager

    • GTE Government Systems, Systems Engineer

  • Academic Preparation:

    • M.S., Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University; Telecommunications concentration

    • B.S., Electronics Engineering Technology, DeVry Institute of Technology

    • George Washington University, Systems Engineering Management and Analysis certificate

  • Courses and training:

    • United States Patent recipient: Patent number 9106364, Signal processing of a high capacity waveform

    • Three-time recipient of Eaton Corporation Innovation award