Welcome to Scalar Light Body Healing Services!

Empower yourself to heal...

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled and having difficulty making decisions?

  • Are you feeling ungrounded, scattered, and lacking focus?

  • Are you stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, or fearful?

  • Are you suffering from physical pain and challenges?


Through intuitive energy healings, energy readings, guidance, and mindfulness training, I can help you:


  • Find your life purpose and steps to navigate a new path

  • Experience mental clarity and a strong sense of self-empowerment.

  • Achieve harmony, peace, and balance in your life

  • Experience well-being and greater body awareness

I am very grateful and humbled to share, from a great deal of diverse positive feedback from my clients, there is one common theme that continues to be expressed to me and grow in my awareness. My clients and those whom I work with in group workshops, talks, and individual session express how calm,  peaceful, and safe they feel within themselves in my presence and working with me.  That is one of the most significant gifts I share with others - harmony and peace. I am fully committed and I assure you that this is a significant part of my offering to you. I am here to serve humanity with an open heart and calming presence so that you may feel safe, comforted, peaceful, and more fully receptive to step into your well-deserved process of healing. Allow me the opportunity to be fully present with you and help you on the deepest level so you may find harmony, peace and balance in your life. I fully honor your process and look forward to helping you.

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I have published my first children's book titled 

"I Am a Feeling Body: Body Awareness and Mindfulness for Children"

Click on www.iamafeelingbody.com to visit my website.

Available on Amazon.

I am living in Santa Clara, California.

Douglas Macauley

Warrior of the heart